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[Casa Magazine] The Symphony’s Percussive Opening Notes

October 25, 2013

By Kerry Methner, PhD, CASA

A DRUMROLL AND PERCUSSIVE FIREWORKS opened The Santa Barbara Symphony’s 2013-2014 season recently. Then, after a dynamic concert, the cultural institution pulled their supporters close with an intimate reception in the elegant Founder’s Room at the Granada Theatre in a display of tuxes, ties, and colorful finery. The music began with Wagner’s Overture toTannhäuser then moved into a percussion concerto by American composer Christopher Rouse. Der gerettete Alberich (The Found Alberich) Fantasy for Percussion and Orchestra featured Los Angeles based soloist Ted Atkatz. The, the second half moved to space, with Holst’s The Planets, including an eerie sirens’ call by the Women of the Santa Barbara Choral Society in the last movement.

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[Independent] Percussionist Ted Atkatz Joins for Rouse Fantasy on October 12

October 16, 2013

By Charles Donelan, Independent

The Santa Barbara Symphony offered what was easily its most challenging and innovative opening concert program in memory on Saturday when guest percussionist Ted Atkatz joined the group for “Der gerettete Albericht,” Fantasy for percussion and orchestra by Christopher Rouse. Rouse’s wild and wooly contribution to the legacy of Richard Wagner requires the presence of not one but two full drum sets onstage, as well as a battery of various noisemakers that stretched across the entire width of the Granada’s proscenium. Before attempting to describe the style and impact of this fascinating work, let me back up and set the scene a bit more thoroughly.

As Maestro Nir Kabaretti noted in his opening remarks, there have already been many concerts all over the world this year celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of composer Wagner. To add to this monumental global effort, the Santa Barbara Symphony chose an ingeniously indirect approach. The concert on Saturday, October 12, opened with Wagner’s overture to Tannhäuser, an ominous and brooding piece that set the tone for what was to come.

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[Casa Magazine] Season Opening Features Percussionist Atkatz

October 11, 2013

By Dan Kepl, Casa Magazine

Pairing Tthe overture to Wagner's opera Tannhauser with the American neoromantic composer Christopher Rouse's Percussion Concerto, Der gerettete Alberich, which features percussionist Ted Atkatz, the opening concert of Santa Barbara Symphony's 2013-2014 season promises to forget into the depths of passion on Saturday and Sunday at the Granada Theatre.

Conductor Nir Kabaretti will begin this brilliantly thought out program addressing a question raised in Wagner's four-opera epic Der Ring des Nibelungen, "Whatever happened to Alberich?" with an answer provided by Christopher Rouse's Percussion Concert, Der gerettete Alberich, which loosely translates as "the found or rescued Alberich."

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[Bravo California] Interview with Los Angeles-based percussionist Ted Atkatz

October 11, 2013

An interview with Los Angeles-based percussionist Ted Atkatz, who will be playing Christopher Rouse’s Fantasy for Percussion and Orchestra with the Santa Barbara Symphony October 12 & 13

By Dan Kepl

Daniel Kepl interviews former Principal Percussion of the Chicago Symphony Ted Atkatz, who is now freelancing with Los Angeles’ many professional orchestras and studios. He is on the faculty of the Music Academy of the West in the summer, performs all over the world as a virtuoso classical percussion soloist, and is also busy booking gigs for his rock band NYCO. He’ll be playing Christopher Rouse’s amazing Fantasy for Percussion and Orchestra subtitled Der Gerettete Alberich with the Santa Barbara Symphony this Saturday (8pm) and Sunday (3pm) at the Granada Theatre. Conductor Nir Kabaretti will also conduct Wagner’s Overture to the opera Tannhauser and Holst’s The Planets.

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[Scene Magazine] Symphonic Rumblings, at the Season’s Launch

October 11, 2013

The Santa Barbara Symphony's 61st season launches this weekend at the Granada with percussive and wagnerian notes and a tour of 'The Planets'

By Josef Woodard, News-Press Correspondent

Almost exactly a year ago, the Santa Barbara Symphony saw fit to celebrate its impressive and gala 60th anniversary season with a double-header of crowd-pleasers. The orchestra, lead for several years now by mastro Nir Kabaretti, dished up Rachmaninov's ever-popular Piano Concerto No. 2--with a grand splash of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as a showcase of what this orchestra is capable of playing. And as an appetizer fanfare with a local note and point of origin, composer Emma Lou Diemer's "Santa Barbara Overture" launched the evening, and the milestone season.

This weekend, as the Symphony slides into season number 61 with a concert dubbed "Wagner, Percussion and Space," the grogrammatic going is a bit more adventurous, but also geared for pleasure. Mr. Wagner is a composer rarely played by this orchestra, but, in fact, the great German composer has the season-kickoff status, via the emotionally wrought overture to the mortality-tale opera, "Tannhauser."

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[Noozhawk] Santa Barbara Symphony Opening Season with Audio Extravaganza

October 11, 2013

By Gerald Carpenter, Noozhawk Contributing Writer

The Santa Barbara Symphony, conducted by Maestro Nir Kabaretti, will open its 2013-14 season with a pair of gala concerts, at 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday in the Granada Theatre.

Percussionist Ted Atkatz will be the featured guest artist, and the program also will utilize the celestial vocal blend of the women of the Santa Barbara Choral Society.

Said program will include the Overture to Richard Wagner's opera, Tannhauser (1845); Christopher Rouse's exciting concerted work, "Der Gerettete Alberich" Fantasy for Percussion and Orchestra (1997), and Gustav Holst's epic astrological fantasy, The Planets, Opus 32 (1914-1916).

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