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[Noozhawk] Santa Barbara Symphony to Ring In New Year with Pops Concert

December 30, 2014

The Santa Barbara Symphony's New Year's Eve Pops Concert — from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Granada Theatre — is an island of, maybe not tranquility, but certainly sweetness and mellowness, in the middle of an evening famous for its noise: the eye of the social hurricane that is New Year's Eve.

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[Scene Magazine] New Year’s Eve in rhapsodic blue

December 26, 2014

The Santa Barbara Symphony's annual New Year's Eve concert includes Gershwin's great 'Rhapsody in Blue,' with piano virtuoso Michael Chertock

One time each year, and in the waning hours of one year before it yields to the next, the Santa Barbara Symphony has made a habit of going pops. And that's a good thing.

During the rest of the symphony's season, the focus remains on the serious business of concert music and classical traditions, with a few light-hearted touches along the way. But the symphony's now 20-plus-year tradition of putting on the New Year's Eve ritz — early enough to allow for later "Auld Lang Syne-ing" — is the orchestra's way of dipping into the stuff of pops programming, mixed in with sneaky touches of the deeper, more sophisticated stuff for good symphonic measure. Normally staid and proper patrons of the symphonic arts are known to cut loose and misbehave on this night, while the band plays on.

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[Independent] Santa Barbara Symphony Rings in New Year

December 24, 2014

Annual Pops Concert Closes Out 2014 with Rhapsody in Blue

Disguised in sparkly New Year’s Eve costumes as crowd-pleasing programs of light fare, the Santa Barbara Symphony’s New Year’s Eve Pops concerts are actually stimulating sources of thought-provoking party music. Taking an approach that’s grounded in the history of the orchestral “Pops” repertoire in America, and of the groundbreaking Boston Pops in particular, Maestro Robert Bernhardt illustrates and emphasizes what’s interesting about a wide range of musical styles, even as he teases the festive audience with goofy puns and witty allusions.

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[Scene Magazine] Beethoven takes State Street

November 24, 2014

The Santa Barbara Symphony shines with a mostly Beethoven concert, with prodigy Caroline Goulding as soloist

Viewed as part of the overall current season of the Santa Barbara Symphony, last weekend's Granada concert program might have seemed to be a relatively understated venture. It was a concert just built around Beethoven, and from the turn-of-the-19th-century period, before his stormier and more profound achievements later in his musical life.

Of course, "just" is not at all the right word when it comes to one of the greatest composers in Western musical culture. Not incidentally, a particular allure of this program had to do with its tight and engaging sense of focus, with three works created within a short 23-year spread, from Beethoven mentor Haydn's "Overture to 'Armida,'" from 1783, to the too-rarely performed Symphony No. 1 (circa 1800) and his lone Violin Concerto, composed in 1806. It has to be noted that the violin soloist was not "just" anybody, either, but the dazzling teenage sensation Caroline Goulding, who, to succumb to the cliché, is mature beyond her years - all of 16 of them by now.

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[Casa Magazine] Beethoven the Great

November 24, 2014

Conducting the first two works of the evening from memory, conductor Nir Kabaretti offered an informal mini-history lesson before last Saturday night's performance by the Santa Barbara Symphony at the Granada Theatre. Reminding this audience that Beethoven had studied composition with Haydn, Kabaretti illustrated the similarities, but also the generation gaps between the two geniuses by opening the program with Haydn's overture to the opera Armida, his last work in that genre.

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[Noozhawk] Santa Barbara Symphony to Open New Season with Weekend Concerts

October 20, 2014

The Santa Barbara Symphony, conducted by Nir Kabaretti, opens its 2014-15 season with a veritable flood of romantic music, in concerts at 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday in the Granada Theatre.

The guest artist for these concerts will be the sensational young Argentinean pianist Ingrid Fliter.

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