[Casa Magazine] Auferstehung (Resurrection)

May 24, 2013

Once in awhile during earth’s 26,000-year perambulation through the Milky Way galaxy, a select few humans are favored with special insights into the mystical concordance between belief and certainty. Gustav Mahler’s massive symphonic compositions, neglected for decades because of prejudice against his Jewish roots, were his personal apotheoses; a set of monumental pronouncements on the human condition, that languished unheard until Leonard Bernstein, another Jew, discovered and recorded them in the 50s and 60s. Mahler’s symphonies are now a de rigueur part of every major orchestra’s repertoire.

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[Creative Community] SB Symphony

May 22, 2013

[Noozhawk] Santa Barbara Symphony Resurrects Mahler

May 19, 2013

At 8 p.m. Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday in the Granada Theatre, we will have the final pair of concerts from the Santa Barbara Symphony's 2012-13 season

By Gerald Carpenter, Noozhawk Contributing Writer

The concerts, conducted by Nir Kabaretti, will also have the boon of a stunning collection of guest talents, including soprano Jennifer Black, mezzo-soprano Tamara Mumford, the Santa Barbara Choral Society director Jo Anne Wasserman and Quire of Voyces director Nathan Kreitzer.

The object of all this massed musical might and skill is, of course, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 2 in C-Minor, "Resurrection".

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KDB 93.7FM interview with David Grossman and Jo Anne Wasserman

May 17, 2013

[Independent] Grand Finale of the Week

May 16, 2013

The Santa Barbara Symphony Performs Gustav Mahler’s “Resurrection”

By Joseph Miller, Independent

Music lovers will be thinking big this weekend — a full-body sonic immersion of Gustav Mahler’s great Symphony No. 2, “Resurrection.” Mahler loved to use a full orchestra, large choruses, and operatic soloists in his symphonies, and “Resurrection” is no exception.

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[Scene Magazine] Grand, Choral-Fortified Finale

May 13, 2013

Santa Barbara Symphony performs Mahler’s ‘Resurrection’ Symphony, accompanied by the Santa Barbara Choral Society and Quire of Voyces

To kick off the milestone 60th-anniversary season of the Santa Barbara Symphony, last fall the orchestra led by Maestro Nir Kabaretti, started off with a fanfare by Santa Barbara-based composer Emma Lou Diemer, followed by a double-header of cherished number-bearing warhorses, Beethoven’s Fifth and the “Rach 2″ (aka Rachmaninoff’s ever-popular Second Piano Concerto).

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